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Welcome to Oostema Wagyu Beef, your go-to spot for meals that not only taste fantastic but make you feel good about what you’re eating. We’re Glen and Lisa Oostema, and we started this farm with a simple idea: to fill your plates with the kind of food we wanted on ours—delicious, ethical, and nourishing. It all began in 2000, right here in Whatcom County, close to Lynden, where we decided to turn a small piece of land and our love for animals into something bigger.

We’ve been together for over 38 years, pouring our hearts into a farm that’s more than just about beef; it’s about creating a legacy of care, quality, and respect for the land and the animals that roam it. Our switch from dairy to raising Wagyu cattle was driven by a desire to offer you something exceptional: beef that’s rich in flavor, packed with health benefits, and produced in a way that’s right by the environment and our cows.

Here at Oostema Farmstead, we’re doing things differently. Our Wagyu beef comes from cattle that graze freely, living the good life, because we believe happy cows make for better beef. This isn’t just about us selling you beef; it’s about us inviting you to join a movement towards a more transparent, sustainable food system. We saw what was missing in the market—real, honest-to-goodness beef that meets your highest expectations for taste and quality while ensuring the animals are treated with the kindness they deserve.

We invite you to dive into a culinary adventure with us. It’s not just about enjoying a meal; it’s about being part of a story that changes how we think about food, from our farm to your fork. By choosing Oostema Wagyu, you’re not just picking a product; you’re supporting a farm that stands for more. You’re backing a way of life that values quality, sustainability, and animal welfare.

Thanks for being part of our journey. Here’s to sharing more than just food—to sharing values, stories, and a commitment to making every meal an opportunity for something better.

With warmth and gratitude, Glen and Lisa Oostema – Your partners in the farm-to-table legacy.

Warm regards,

Your beef farmers in Lynden,

Glen and Lisa Oostema Owners,

Oostema Wagyu Beef

If you need anything, just let us know! We’re always here to help and can be reached by phone or text at any time. Come visit us at Oostema Farmstead and be a part of our family!

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