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Beef you can feel good about eating. 

Nestled in beautiful Whatcom County,  just 3 miles east of Lynden, our family raises and sells pastured grass-fed Wagyu, Premium Beef, and a few pork products and eggs on our Farm. 


What Does Wagyu Mean? Wa (Japanese) + Gyu (Cattle) = Wagyu.

Benefits  of Wagyu:

  • Improved Heart Health
  • Lower “Bad” Cholesterol
  • Reduced Chronic Disease Risk
  • Enhanced Nutrients for Women

Our Wagyu herd has plenty of pasture to graze in, and they grow up in a low-stress environment. 

Truly natural grass-fed beef means the cattle are fed entirely on their mother’s milk and grass from birth to harvest. As a result, these cows have an average pH seven balance in their system, contributing to a healthy fat balance of omega-3s, omega-6s, and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). In short, if the cow is healthier, its meat is more nutritious, and you’ll be more beneficial.

These physical qualities, such as fat distribution, have translated to premium beef known for superior marbling and melt-in-your-mouth flavor.

What is marbling? 

Marbling is the visible form of intramuscular fat which appears as striking white/cream flecks within the red muscle. Extensive marbling gives Wagyu beef a spectacular tenderness, juiciness, and buttery flavor. The final benefit is flavor: our grass pastures make for sweet, flavorful fat and a tender burger.

From Farmers, you can trust.

Hi, we’re Glen and Lisa Oostema – the proud owners of Oostema Farmstead, a working farm located a short drive from Lynden, WA. We have been married for 35+ years; we have two grown children and two grandchildren.

We are retired Dairy Farmers. We left this industry about 18 years ago after 12 years on the dairy, where Glen was raised as a child.

We had the opportunity to sell the dairy, and we did. We moved to our current property, which is 117 acres. We have raspberries and field crops that surround the Farmstead. 

In 2018 we purchased our first Wagyu, and in 2021 we started selling to the public.  

This has been an incredible journey, and we couldn’t be more grateful for all the love and support our customers, and the community has shown Oostema Farmstead.

In the summer of 2021, we were blessed with the ability to open our farm store right here at Oostema Farmstead. We love the friendships that have developed, and our customers have enjoyed getting to know their farmers on a personal level. 

Our other passion is hosting guests on the Farmstead with unique Farm stays through our RV sites and private accommodations, including a two-bedroom apartment,  a Tiny Farmhouse, and  Barn Cabin. Check out our Farm Stays here!

If you have difficulty with anything, do not hesitate to let us know, and we will be happy to help you. In addition, we can be reached by phone via text or phone calls.

Call Us at 1-360-815-1494

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