Bulk Buying Program

Thinking of filling your family’s freezer with tasty Oostema Farmstead beef? 

We can set you up if you’re looking for a 1/4, 1/2, or Whole Cow!

We specialize in Grass Fed Beef.

With your order, you enjoy convenience, savings, and quality 100% grass-fed beef from a farmer you know. Oostema Farmstead.

Your Beef:

Your beef cost is $3.50/pound hanging weight plus processing. (see definition of hanging weight below).  *please note this is not Wagyu, it is a Cross Angus/Holstien 

Our processor – Lynden Meat – charges $.92/lb hanging weight. There is also a fee associated with slaughter and disposal, which is an added $32.50/quarter, and a 1/4 split fee if ordering a 1/4.  

We have a processing date and will let you know once Lynden Meat has taken possession of the animal. After slaughter, our beef dry ages 15 – 21 days before being cut and wrapped to your specifications. Lynden Meat will call you for your order. So be ready with the cuts you would like.  (for a list of ideas, see the bottom of this page)

A $250.00 DEPOSIT is now being accepted. See the button below.

Know Your Weights: Live Weight vs. Hanging Weight vs. Packaged Weight

Before making your first bulk order, it’s important to understand the different weight measures and how it affects the overall cost of your order. First-time buyers who don’t already understand the weight measures often find themselves surprised that the weight of the meat they bring home (boxed weight) is different than the weight of the animal before butchering (live weight) and during dry-aging (hanging weight). We recommend you familiarize yourself with the following info and be sure to ask any questions you have before purchasing to avoid any confusion. Here is a breakdown.

Live Weight: This is how much the cow weighs when it’s alive.  Similar to how we weigh ourselves, it’s pretty straightforward.

Hanging Weight: This is a weight the butcher gives us after the animal has been killed, blood drained, head, hide, feet, entrails & organs removed. The hanging weight is usually about 60% of the live weight. So if a cow weighs 1000 lbs live weight, its hanging weight will be 600 lbs. A half would be 300 lbs, and a quarter would be 150 lbs(approximately). The butcher also uses this weight to charge you for cutting/wrapping fees.  The hanging weight is the most consistent way to measure the carcass before customizing the cuts.

Packaged Weight: This is the net weight of the means you will receive that is packaged and ready for your freezer. This is usually 60-70% of the hanging weight. The reduced weight comes from 2 places: water loss and bone loss.

The reduced weight is attributed to the cutting and trimming, removal of bones, etc., and moisture lost during the dry aging process. This weight varies depending upon the cuts of meat included and any additional package options, e.g., bones, fat, and offal.

The second place you might lose weight is by cutting the meat off the bones. So the more boneless cuts the customer requests, the less the packaged weight will be. It’s important to point out that lower weight doesn’t mean you are receiving less meat, but rather than you are receiving fewer bones. You retain some of this weight if you request marrow or knuckle bones for making broth.

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