We’ve updated our offerings! Individual cuts are no longer listed online—Shop our freezers to select beef cuts. Have questions? Email us!

Bulk Buying Shares

Thinking of filling your family’s freezer with tasty Oostema Farmstead beef? 

We can set you up if you’re looking for a 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, Or 1/2 cow?

We specialize in Grass Fed Beef.


With your order, you enjoy convenience, savings, and quality 100% grass-fed beef from a farmer you know. Oostema Farmstead.

You Buy It, We Raise It
Your deposit reserves your name on one of our animals and helps us sustainably plan the herd this year.  After you place your deposit, you’ll receive an email confirmation automatically (and receive real time updates as we get closer to harvest time). Then sit back, relax, and let us raise the best grass-finished beef for you.


Highest Quality, Premium Steaks*
~60% Assorted Cuts like Ribeye, NY, Tenderloin, Chuck steak, Sirloin, Fajita Meat, Stew Meat, Kabobs, a few Roasts. *Note: Varies by cow, but this is an average.
A New Standard For Ground Beef
35-40% of your package will be the best Ground Beef you’ve ever had. Perfect for Burgers, Tacos, Meatloaf, you name it. 
Free Extras!
1-2  Liver, Tongue, and/or Heart.
A Variety of Shank bones (Great for making bone broth or a meal in itself)
Fat Trimmings (Great for making homemade tallow)

Free Delivery to your Door If you live in the Lynden Area. We will hand deliver your beef to you!  

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Our 1/16 Grass Fed Beef is approximately 30 pounds.

$150 Deposit

Our 1/8 Grass Fed Beef is approximately 65 pounds.

$250 Deposit

Our 1/4 Grass Fed Beef is approximately 125 pounds 

$500 Deposit

Our 1/2 Grass Fed Beef  is approximately 250 pounds.

$1000 Deposit 

All our shares include:

  • All prices include processing, hanging weight, and butchering fees.  We build in all the costs to give you 100% transparency and so there is no guesswork at the final cost.

  • Frozen and vacuum-sealed to preserve freshness, quality, and flavor.

  • Free delivery in Lynden.

  • Free bonuses.

  • 100% Happiness Guarantee

  • ***Please note that the actual weight may vary depending on the individual cattle’s weight upon slaughter.***

✔ Connect yourself directly to your food (and your farmer)

✔ Provide your family with a constant source of nutritious meals

✔ Receive peace of mind through food security

✔ Enjoy 100% confidence in the food you’re feeding your family

✔ Beef raised right is better for you, the cows, and the planet

How does this work?

Starting today, you can get your share in 3 easy steps:

1. Place a deposit: 

You can reserve your beef share by placing a deposit. We are also offering a new payment option this year where you can pay in full to receive 5% off.

Don’t think you’ll need that much beef? Some of our customers have come together with their friends and family to split the cost.

As soon as your deposit is placed, you are guaranteed a share of our harvest. (and it’s first come first served, so order early to get in the first group.)

2. Pay your remaining balance:

On your scheduled butcher date, I will reach out to you with your final invoice. Then our butchers will dry-age, process, package and freeze your beef.

Once your beef is ready (about 2-3 weeks later, once it is dry-aged) we’ll pack up your share and schedule your pickup date.

3. Get Your Beef: 

You pick it up and you enjoy a freezer full of nutrient dense, delicious beef! 

That’s the entire process from start to finish.

All that’s left is for you to enjoy the wonderful benefits of having a beef share in your freezer.

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