FAQ with Wagyu Beef

Oostema Wagyu Beef

What is Wagyu beef? A: Wagyu is a breed of cattle originally from Japan, known for its high marbling and tenderness. What makes Wagyu beef different from other types of beef

Best Cuts of Wagyu Steaks

Wagyu beef is known for its high levels of marbling, which contributes to its unique flavor and tenderness.

What Are The Cuts Of Beef?

Oostema Wagyu Beef

There are many different cuts of beef available, each with its own unique flavor and texture. From the flavorful and tender inside skirt steak

Wagyu vs Store Beef

Oostema Wagyu

If you’re a meat lover, you’ve probably heard of Wagyu beef, a high-quality, marbled meat that’s prized for its rich flavor and tender texture. But did you know that there’s a big difference between the Wagyu beef you buy at the store

Wagyu Freezer Sloppy Joes

Wagyu Sloppy Joes are the champions of the sandwich world! With their succulent and juicy wagyu beef and zesty sauce,

Wagyu Freezer Tacos

Oostema Farmstead Wagyu

Wagyu Freezer Tacos are the superheroes of the meal world! With their juicy and tender ground wagyu beef, zesty seasonings, and salsa,

Wagyu Beef Stroganoff

Wagyu Beef Stroganoff is like a warm hug in a bowl! With its tender, juicy strips of wagyu beef, cozy sauce, and a side of fluffy egg noodles

Wagyu Meat Balls

Wagyu meatballs are like the black-tie events of the meatball world. They bring a touch of sophistication and elegance to any meal, with their rich, buttery flavor and tender, juicy texture.

Batch Cooking Recipes

Wagyu Batch Cooking Recipes

Batch cooking is the practice of preparing and cooking multiple servings of food at once. Some of the benefits of batch cooking include:

Instant Pot Vegetable Beef Soup

These succulent little pieces of meat candy taste just like brisket burnt ends. In this recipe, the piece of Wagyu beef is made into a tray of delicious burnt ends.

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