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Now that you have your Wagyu, what are you going to do with it? We have a few ideas…

Grass Fed Wagyu Beef in Lynden

Pan Seared Chuck Steaks

Known among chefs as “the poor man’s ribeye,” chuck steak is common and incredibly inexpensive.  While chuck is often purchased as a roast—destined to cook

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Hamburger in Lynden

Wagyu Stew

Our Oostema’s Farmstead Wagyu Beef for stewing elevates this classic beef stew recipe! These are cubes of beef from our Wagyu and will take your

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Simple Wagyu Rib Steak

 Oostema Farmstead’s Wagyu rib steak is a flavorful and juicy steak, marbled to perfection.The buttery flavor that comes oozing from the steak will leave you speechless.

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Wagyu Chili

Hearty and oh so delicious, chili is one of those recipes that gets a serious upgrade when made with our Wagyu Ground Beef. The Wagyu

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Classic Carne Asada

When you think of killer Mexican food, carne asada probably pops into your head. The savory flavors of this marinated meat, along with that slight

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