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Farm Fresh Eggs

Come explore the freshest eggs Lynden has to offer at Oostema Farmstead, where we lovingly raise chickens right here on our farm to provide you with top-quality eggs. Our flock, made up mostly of heritage breeds, lays a delightful array of naturally colored eggs. When you choose a dozen from us, you’re not just getting eggs; you’re getting a palette of brown, blue, green, pink, deep chocolate-brown, white, and cream, all packed with flavor and nutrition. Enjoy the benefits of eggs that are not only fresher but also richer in taste and nutrients. Let us bring the bounty of our farm directly to your table, with eggs that promise not just a meal, but an experience.

  •  Carton Return Program: Bring us your own carton or return ours and save $.50

Try it with our pork sausage  or bacon!

✔️ Pickup is available at 8402 Northwood Rd. Lynden, WA

At Oostema Farmstead, we understand the importance of knowing where your food comes from.
That’s why we are committed to providing you with the highest quality, heart-healthy Wagyu beef that is not only delicious but also safe and sustainably sourced.
Direct From Our Farm To Your Fork
Oostema Farmstead Wagyu
Grass Fed Beef in Lynden

Our Story

From Farmers, You Can Trust

Oostema Wagyu Beef, situated in Whatcom County and managed by Glen and Lisa Oostema, epitomizes the fusion of passion and tradition in farming. Starting in 2000, our transition from dairy to Wagyu cattle farming marks over two decades of commitment to exceptional farm-to-table beef.
At the heart of our journey is a dedication to community, quality, and the transformative experience of farm-to-table dining. Our farm, just east of Lynden, isn’t just about providing premium beef; it’s a testament to trust, quality, and the healing power of good food. Join us in celebrating a unique, wholesome food journey that extends beyond the ordinary, and become a part of our farm-to-table legacy at Oostema Wagyu Beef.
Oostema Farmstead

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