Wagyu Ground vs. Commercial Ground

Grass-Fed Beef in Whatcom County

When it comes to buying meat for the average American family, ground beef is the favored option. It’s incredibly versatile—ground beef can be used to make meatballs, tacos, meatloaf, burgers, and so many other classic family favorites. And if you already love the taste of ground beef, you’re going love the taste of Wagyu ground beef even more. However, it’s not just the taste of Wagyu ground beef that’s superior to the commercial variety.

The Ground Beef You’ll Find at the Grocery Store

The commercial ground beef you’ll find at the grocery store can vary in grades and quality. The average one pound pack of 80/20 ground chuck is finely ground and comes from the chuck roast cut of the animal. However, unless it states so specifically on the label, that ground beef could be pumped full of preservatives like sulfites and nitrates. This is why most pre-packaged meat in the grocery store looks so unnaturally pink—even if it sits out for days. Meat isn’t supposed to look neon pink!

The Oostema Farmstead Wagyu Difference

When you purchase your ground beef from a family owned farmer,  like Oostema Farmstead, you know where your meat is coming from. Not only do you know the exact location where the Wagyu was raised, you know how they’re cared for and when they’re harvested. You can’t get that kind of information about your meat from any supermarket.

But the biggest advantage of all when you cook with Wagyu ground beef is the taste. Oostema Farmstead Wagyu is known for its distinct fatty marbling. And when you grind Wagyu to make ground chuck, the resulting texture is unlike any ground beef you’ve ever tasted. There’s something about the marbled Wagyu fat that creates a unique umami-type taste. The buttery sweetness is definitely not something you can find in commercial ground beef, even that of the organic variety. It just melts in your mouth!

One thing’s for sure: Once you’ve tried Oostema Farmstead Wagyu ground beef, you won’t be going back for the other kind!


From our house to yours, “eet smakelijk” is Dutch for “enjoying your meal.” 

Glen and Lisa 

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