Farm Fresh Eggs, what makes the color?

What are rainbow eggs?

The color of an eggshell depends on the breed of the hen that laid it. Chickens from different breeds produce eggs with shells that are white, brown, blue, or green. The most common breeds of chickens in the United States produce white or brown eggs. The genetic traits of the chicken determine the color of the eggshell, and it doesn’t affect the taste, quality, or nutritional content of the egg.

The Oostema Farmstead offers high-quality farm fresh eggs in Lynden from chickens raised here on the farm. Our laying birds are primarily heritage breeds and lay naturally different colored eggs. In any given dozen, you will find a variety of brown, blue, green, pinkish, deep dark chocolate-brown, white, and cream-colored shells. Don’t judge a book by its cover! The deeply orange thick yolks and full flavor are the only things more astonishing than the shell colors. BREAKFAST BECOMES EASY when kids love and ask for these great FARM FRESH EGGS!

Did you know?

• all eggs start out white
• eggshell color is dependent on the breed of chicken who laid the egg
• you can’t determine the color egg a hen will lay by her feather color (i.e. white hens don’t always lay white eggs)
• a hen needs about 16 hours of daylight to stimulate her ovary to release a yolk
• hens lay one egg about every 26 hours
• egg YOLK color is determined by the hen’s diet
• egg whites in fresh eggs are very thick and thin out as the egg ages
• whites in fresh eggs can be cloudy because of the carbon dioxide inside the eggs
• yellowish whites indicate riboflavin in the egg
• eggs separate better when they’re cold
• egg whites whip up better when they’re at room temperature
• unwashed fresh eggs don’t need to be refrigerated
• an egg contains every nutrient needed for life except for Vitamin C

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Now you know!  Farm fresh eggs in Lynden.  

From our house to yours, “eet smakelijk” is Dutch for “enjoying your meal.” 

Glen and Lisa 

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